2010 Midterm Election Results

By Brian Wojtalewicz.
Originally published in The Appleton Press on November 9, 2010.

My despair over the midterm election results was lightened by Mark Dayton’s election as Governor, along with the “Island of Blue” here in western Minnesota. DFL Senator Gary Kubly, and DFL Representatives Andrew Falk and Lyle Koenen all were re-elected.

As to the “tidal wave” of Republican victory, a change of only 700 votes in a handful of races would have kept the Minnesota House of Representatives in DFL control. The same can be said about only 1600 votes in a small number of the state Senate races. The biggest reasons for the Republicans winning the national House of Representatives, and both houses in Minnesota, were the rotten economy and too many Democrats not voting. It is an illusion to think that Democrats lost because Obama and other federal and state Democrats acted too liberal. They lost because they didn’t spend enough for job creation, and didn’t stand up against the big banks and insurance corporations enough. As a result, too many Democrats didn’t go to the polls, and too many “independent” voters turned against them.

If the “independent” voters bother to pay attention in the coming months, they are going to see what the Republican Party is really about. They’ll talk and even holler about it, but they aren’t going to do anything about abortion, gays and gun rights. Instead, they are going to do their best to dismantle the new rules that Democrats have tried to impose on Wall Street, the big banks, insurance corporations and the polluters.

Keep in mind that they told you that they are going to balance budgets by making cuts and avoiding any additional taxes on our millionaires and billionaires. They’ll also try their best to bury the facts — Obama’s stimulus package provided the largest tax cuts for the middle class in the history of the country, brought health insurance to millions of poor children, cut the bank profiteers out of the student loan system, and started putting our pollution cops back on the beat.  And it was Bush who began the $Billions to the Wall Street thieves.

So now we can look forward to our federal House of Representatives being led by Mr. Boehner, who is infamous for handing out tobacco company checks to his fellow Republicans on the floor of Congress. And don’t forget the key committee in the House that will be chaired by Texas Republican Congressman Barton, who apologized to British Petroleum when Obama forced them to set up a fund to clean up the Gulf of Mexico. Congratulations, Republicans.


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