Congratulations, Republicans

Well, it looks like Governor Mark Dayton caved in to the Republicans. Why? Because he couldn’t stand seeing thousands of people who work for us, the community, in government jobs, being out of work, along with thousands more Minnesotans in connected private sector jobs. It looks like Dayton at least kept them from permanently throwing thousands of government workers out of their jobs, and insisted on a substantial bonding bill that will employ thousands in construction work.

The Republican proposal he caved into? Force our school districts to borrow the money, and also borrow it against the Tobacco Fund. (The irony is too much, when this fund was produced by a lawsuit against Big Tobacco, a steady funder of the right-wing, and the lawsuit was won by those terrible trial lawyers, the right-wing’s favorite whipping boys.) Borrow, borrow, borrow — the modern Republican way of doing things. And they claim with a straight face that they really care about education! President “Shrub” Bush showed the way: start two different wars, cut taxes—especially on the rich—and borrow, borrow, borrow.

Yes, sir, our Minnesota Republican Party did their job. They protected the top 7,700 millionaires who pay taxes in Minnesota, over half of whom, about 4,000, aren’t even Minnesota residents. So, these mollycoddled millionaires will continue to pay, on average, a smaller percentage of overall taxes than the rest of us. I can just hear those champagne corks popping on the huge boats.


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