Inaugurating Small Town Blue (Final “Let’s Have At It” Column)

By Brian Wojtalewicz

Part of me is reveling in this soft, beautiful snow coming down today, especially with the kids, grandkids, my mom and Janine’s dad with us around the fire for Christmas these last two days. But part of me fears for so many who are unjustly dying and suffering, and fears the growing acceptance of murder and torture by too many in this society.

Demagogue Trump, the darling of the Right Wingnuts, openly advocates torture of human beings. He would use torture on Syrian refugees, the people escaping from the ISIS horror, and even said he’d go beyond waterboard torturing!

“To pray from the heart that the doors do not close in the faces of the refugees from your country like they were closed in the faces of Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve.” This was part of the prayer of Marcell Shehwaro, a Syrian Christian woman who has been hunted by both her country’s army and its likewise murderous enemies ISIS. Why? Because she dares to write the truth on her blog, Blogging is what writers do when their voices are not accepted, or too limited, by paid media.

So it is blogging that I will turn to with the end of my column here in my hometown paper. The upside is that with a blog, you can comment on any of my “rants” (as my sister Paulette calls ’em) or my nature episodes. Just go to and sign up to receive my future blog columns on your email.

Sad indeed to lose your voice in a big way, and to have our jewel, Pioneer Public TV, which so many of us gave so much to build and maintain, leaving us. Yet it pales compared to being hunted in your home town by murdering rapists, or our planet sliding into worsening climate and immigration catastrophes.

I will leave these pages with the same plea I began with just a dozen years ago: for your engagement in our politics, when so much is at stake. For one thing, this coming year, let’s support a presidential candidate who isn’t promising slaughter and torture, and isn’t cozy with the Wall Street greed gang. Let’s have at it, brothers and sisters.



One thought on “Inaugurating Small Town Blue (Final “Let’s Have At It” Column)

  1. Thanks Brian. I predict that you’ll find this to be a vibrant medium for your “rants”. Looking forward to continuing to read your opinion.


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