Too Much Poison Around Us

By Brian Wojtalewicz.
Originally published in The Appleton Press on March 18, 2014.

We have ten million pounds of a particular type of poison, which kills creatures, that are sprayed on our US farms each year.  They are called chlorpyrifos.  Evidence is mounting that these poisons lower I.Q. levels in children and associations are mounting for behavior problems and autistic type conditions in kids.  The effects can even be seen in MRI scans of some children.  Chlorpyrifos is sold under the brand names Lorsban, Dursban, Scout, Empire, Eradex and other names.  It fortunately was banned for household use in the US, but only after the EPA found that Dow had hidden hundreds of reports of injury or deaths in households. 

While scientists have definitely linked heavy, long term exposure to cancer and birth defects, we are just beginning to get good scientific studies on long-term, low level exposures of these poisons.  Of course, we are all guinea pigs in this potentially very ugly experiment, especially our little children.  Our environmental cops, the federal Environmental Protection Agency, essentially lets Dow Chemical and the other giant chemical corporations sell any product they want, and ban it only when there is a mountain of proof that it is killing or maiming enough of us.  Anyone who claims that the chemicals being sprayed on our field have been proven safe deserves a derisive laugh. 

Even when the science starts demonstrating the danger of such chemicals such as an organophosphate like chlorpyrifos in Lorsban and Dursban, and some citizens want it controlled, they are heavily out-spent, out-lobbied and out-propagandized by Dow Chemical and other profit-bloated chemical corporations, along with some industrial and farm organizations.

How many years will we allow our children and grandchildren to endure the cumulative exposure to these poisons?  Our children deserve better.


Have at it!

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