Trump: Loyalty?

For many of us, loyalty is an important personal value.  What’s the evidence of Mr. Trump’s loyalty?

He isn’t simply on his third wife; he openly bragged to a New York City tabloid about the great sex he was having with another woman while he was married to one of his early wives.  Even more shameful is the fact that his own 13 year old son could read this.

The number of building contractors (painters, cabinetmakers, dry-wallers, plumbers, electrical/lighting) Trump has stiffed, after they poured in time, labor and materials building his casinos and resorts, is huge.  This was especially true at his Atlantic City casino, where he declared bankruptcy.  Trump later bragged:  “The money I took out of there was incredible.”  Trump paid himself millions in salary and bonuses, but stiffed many family business contractors who sunk honest work and materials into building it.  Real loyalty.

It was this same Atlantic City casino where he used eminent domain—in cahoots with local New Jersey politicians—to force other owners off their property.

Funny, I thought conservatives didn’t like eminent domain, where the government forces unwilling people off their property.

Then there are the undocumented workers that he has used, and his golf course employees who he refused—illegally—to pay overtime to.  Scores of people have sued him for his Trump University false promises, after he took millions from everyday people trying to better their lives.

The proof came out last week that Trump has been asking people from foreign countries for campaign donations. Again:

Real loyalty.

And who has admitted that he will be voting for Donald Trump?  None other than Tim Miller, the House Republican candidate from Prinsburg, MN.  What does this say about his judgment, and his fundamental values?


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