Brian's First ColumnBrian Wojtalewicz started writing a weekly column for his Minnesota hometown paper, The Appleton Press, back in December 2003.

He called it “Let’s Have At It.”

“The salient purpose of this column is to encourage you, my fellow citizens, to become more politically aware and engaged.”

Citing his alarm at the corporate greed, environmental destruction, economic inequality and apathy he was seeing in society, Brian rallied his neighbors to stand up and have at it.

“This old battle has never stopped in America. It’s the community telling powerful individuals and small groups (corporations) ‘enough with your greed.'”

After 12 years of writing weekly columns for the Press, Brian was notified that the Press would no longer have room to accommodate him. Motivated by encouragement from his readers and his own determination in pursuing his mission, he decided to continue the column in the form of a blog, Small Town Blue.

Brian Wojtalewicz ABOUT BRIAN

Brian is a trial lawyer with over three decades of experience helping people who never expected to be living with the pain, or disability, or the loss of a loved one. He and his office have recovered substantial settlements for life and health losses of their clients caused by the negligence of others, achieving settlements in over 90% of his cases.

You can learn more about his civil claims practice on his web site, Wojtalewicz Law Firm.

In addition to his injury and wrongful death cases, Brian has represented whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases in which private sector entities commit fraud against the government. You can learn more about his false claims practice at his dedicated site, Lincoln’s Law Advocate.


Brian was elected by his fellow trial lawyers as the 2011-2012 President of the Minnesota Association for Justice (formerly the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association), the preeminent organization of Minnesota Civil Attorneys who specialize in fighting for justice for injured individuals and the families of those wrongfully killed by the negligence of others. He is among 2% of lawyers who are certified as a civil trial specialist by both the MN State Bar Assn. and the Nat’l Board of Trial Advocacy, and 6% of lawyers who were selected as a Leading Attorney and a Super Lawyer in surveys of MN lawyers.

He has been a guest speaker at the American Trial Lawyers Assn. annual conventions in New York City and Boston, the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers in Miami Beach and for many trial lawyer seminars in MN. He was honored as one of ten Attorneys-of-the-Year for 2001 by MN Lawyer Magazine, and as the 2002 Member-of-the-Year by the MN Trial Lawyers Association (now the MAJ)

Brian was appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court for service from 1990 to 1998 on the Minnesota Judicial Selection Commission, which was responsible for interviewing and assessing lawyer candidates for judgeships, and making recommendations on appointments. From 1996-99, he was a member of the Minnesota Eighth Judicial District Ethics Committee, which investigated ethics charges against lawyers.


Brian was the founder and host of “Legal Lines” from 1985 to 2001. He and guest lawyers educated thousands of Americans on their legal rights in this live, call-in TV show on Pioneer Public TV, KWCM, one of the PBS stations in Minnesota. Brian also volunteered his time in 2005 as host for Pioneer Public TV’s 3-part series on the dangers of methamphetamine to our children and families.

Brian was active as a board member and chair of CURE (Clean Up The River Environment), a non-profit, grassroots citizen organization that promotes conservation in the upper Minnesota River area.

For years, Brian has been a volunteer speaker to local driver’s education classes. He has emphasized the need for safe driving to hundreds of 15 year olds. Brian has also volunteered his time to teach canoe safety to young people as part of a bi-annual safety camp. The firm has also sponsored summer sports leagues for children, and Brian has been a volunteer coach for kid’s baseball and basketball. The firm has been regularly supporting local area food shelves and the Toys for Tots program.