Trump for Torture and Murder

In a speech to one of his adoring crowds, this time in February in South Carolina, Trump repeated his claim that our USA should “go much further” than waterboarding suspected terrorists. Torturing suspects is not enough. Trump spoke glowingly of an American general having his soldiers dip bullets in pig blood and shooting dead 49 of 50 Filipino Muslim prisoners.… Read More Trump for Torture and Murder

Inaugurating Small Town Blue (Final “Let’s Have At It” Column)

Part of me is reveling in this soft, beautiful snow coming down today, especially with the kids, grandkids, my mom and Janine’s dad with us around the fire for Christmas these last two days. But part of me fears for so many who are unjustly dying and suffering, and fears the growing acceptance of murder and torture by too many in this society.… Read More Inaugurating Small Town Blue (Final “Let’s Have At It” Column)